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delete from queue
Delete From Queue

tl;dr we've added a bunch of controls for room hosts to moderate their rooms. Read on for details!

It's been a fantastic month for the community. More than 500 new users have joined the site in the past month, creating dozens of new, active rooms ranging from the upbeat "Classic" room by toriborealis to the broadly-themed "The Muffin Shed" by muffinboombox. We're now tracking over 570,000 tracks credited to over 90,000 unique artists.

With all of that new activity has come great new feedback, and a renewed surge of energy to resolve long-outstanding questions. Among those long-outstanding questions were many questions about queue management and host controls.

Delete from Queue
Today, we're excited to launch the "delete from queue" button for room hosts, which allows the creator of the room to better manage the tracks that play in their room. This feature makes it easy to remove a track queued accidentally, or even one that just simply doesn't belong.

Room Permissions
Furthermore, we've also added the ability to manage room permissions, such as toggling support for public queues or even skips. By clicking the "edit" button next to your room on soundtrack's home page, you can manage both these and other items, such as your room's description.

There will be many more updates to room configuration in the near future, so stay engaged with our upcoming feature list by commenting on your favorite ideas, sharing your new ideas, or even contributing directly.

We've also handed out editor rights to a number of people who have expressed interest, giving them the ability to manage the tags of tracks in the library. This helps with making sure tracks always play, as correct tags help the machine find other places to source the audio from! Editors are an essential part of soundtrack's continued success, so make sure to thank them the next time you see one.

We've been very excited to continue improving our own little open-source corner of the music world, and we hope you like what we're doing. Feel free to come by the Maki Slack if you're interested in helping, and as always, thanks for being such a valuable part of the community!

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